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The wedding season is coming up, and what’s a wedding without some glamour and oomph? The Mehendi/Henna ceremony is one of the most fun-filled and glamorous pre-wedding occasions in India that generally takes place a day or two prior to the wedding. It is considered to be one of the oldest wedding traditions.

The traditional designs of Mehendi/Henna have become more decorative and intricate with time, with people getting more and more creative.
This wedding season, we have compiled some of the most stunning bridal mehendi designs that you will absolutely adore.

Your niece/cousin/sister/friend (or someone in your family) going to marry and her mehndi night is after a couple of days and you are searching for bridal mehndi designs. Mehndi is most enjoyable ritual because it marks the beginning of all the celebrations of the marriage. Mehndi ceremony is a basic part of a Hindu/Muslim wedding. The aromatic herb paste is applied on palms in an elaborate fashion and there are lots of bridal mehndi designs.

However, the core significance of applying mehndi is just couple of days before the wedding. Mehndi is also referred as meditative herb. So, to remove all the strain and headaches associated with the fatigue, this meditative paste (with a cooling effect) was applied and this is how the custom of ‘Mehndi Night’ came into existence.

Bridal Mehndi Designs:- Adorning mehndi on hands and feet is a tradition amongst ladies during festivals and ceremonies. Bridal Mehndi designs are applied for brides during the sangeet ceremony. They are usually applied on hands and feet. There are different types of mehndi designs like arabic, traditional and many more. Usually bridal mehndi designs are very intricately drawn and every lady family member gets to draw on the the brides hands. Nowadays professional mehndi artists are invited to decorate the bride with mehndi designs. In some parts of India, men also wear mehndi designs during their weddings.

Did you know that mehndi is a coolant? Mehndi has various uses like conditioning, coloring and even for henna designs. Bridal mehndi designs are sometimes colorful with black and red henna along with some glitters. Here are some beautiful bridal mehndi designs for your inspiration, you can also add in your own designs to make it look even more amazing.

There are a lot of wedding beliefs from different nations. One of the most common customaries is the bridal mehndi. It is commonly done in Pakistan, India, and Saudi Arabia during weddings.

Bridal mehndi designs are added on a woman due to different beliefs. The most common one is that the darker the color the mehndi or henna leaves on the hands and feet of a bride, the more will she be loved, appreciated and valued by her husband and mother-in-law.

why brides spend hours to have a well-designed mehndi on her hands and feet. Mehndi is known for its medicinal benefits. We all know how stressful wedding preparations are. In some cases, stress causes illnesses to the bride. To prevent such occurrence, bridal mehndi designs are added. The mehndi alleviates stress and cools down the bride’s nerves. That is the reason why these are etched on the hands and feet as these are where the nerve endings are. To improve its efficacy, henna is not just mixed with water but also some essential oils, clove, and lemon.

If you will be having your wedding soon, having bridal mehndi designs will surely accentuate your beauty. Here are some amazing henna designs for weddings that you will surely enjoy!

In this app contain large number of mehndi design collection set with offline feature.

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