Test your reflex with this easy but challenging game! Just pick'em all!


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Sep 3, 2023
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Pick Pick GAME

You control the Hand.
Pick everything you see simply tapping the screen, improve yourself with the adaptive difficulty and challenge the whole world with the online leaderboard. Test your reflex, take your time but pick EVERYTHING!
In this casual game you have to pick slices of pizza, flower petals, cloverleaves, wrenches, brooches, bananas, sushi, solar rays, needles, spokes, playing cards, clock's hands, windmill sails, and much more!

You have three lives, don't make mistakes!
Lot of items:
►Ferris wheel


Pick this timepass games with an adaptive game play and wait the right moment to get wrench, pendulum, pinwheel, ferris wheel cabs, needle, atomic clock,brooch.

Play for free with this casual game with simple and clean graphic, have fun!

It's an adaptive game but if you have some minutes of spare time it can be a very good timepass game for some casual fun!
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