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Ostatnia Wersja

Nazwa3rdpartyApp APK
Wersja1.0.4 (10004)
Zaktualizowano12 kwi 2019
DeweloperThokozani Gwiliza - 3rd I I I Party
Instalacje5 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Rozrywka

Zaktualizowano - Nowości

*Adding more detail to the artist profile
1. Timeline lets the artists interact with followers
2. Calendar view shows artist scheduled events
3. Reviews shows detailed view artist ratings and reviews
4. Media Player lets users steam music. 3rdParty registered artists can upload songs

*Improved performance
1. Only loading few artist profiles with option to load more
2. Offline mode is now supported

*Gallery shows photos/videos from 3rdParty hosted events

* Updated new look and feel

Aplikacja 3rd | | | party

Kompletna aplikacja do zarządzania rezerwacjami dla artystów

A complete bookings management app for artists. Artists subscribe onto the app and are then available for bookings by event organizers.
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