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24 gru 2018
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Ace Browser – Fast APP

Ace Browser is a fast, small and private Android web browser to keep browsing fast. It’s only 4MB, but it can effectively boost page loading speed and save your precious traffic data by 60%.
Ace Browser is a fast web browser with manifold useful features including: Flash Player, Speed Mode, Full Screen Mode, Incognito Mode, No Image Mode, Trending news and video, etc.
Don’t hesitate to download Ace Browser to block annoying ads and pop-ups, and speed up your browsing speed by 60%.

Key Features
✔ Browsing web fast
Via preloading and data compression, this fast browser speeds up page loading speed by 60%. It can be even faster in Speed Mode and No Image Mode.
✔ Save page to read off-line
You could save those pages when your phone is connected with Wi-Fi. Then you can read them in every situation. It helps to save your traffic data and battery power.
✔ Save data/traffic
This private browser compresses data to save precious MBs by up to 60%.
✔ Desktop Site Mode
Switch websites view between PC mode and mobile Mode. A very useful feature!
✔ Speed Mode
Load text before other files. This fast browser presents better experience in poorer internet.
✔ No Image Mode
It helps to accelerate your browsing speed and save your traffic data and battery power.
✔ Incognito Mode
In Incognito Mode, users leave no history, cookies traces, cache, etc. Ace Browser is a 100% private web browser.
✔ Full Screen Mode
✔ Powerful search with in-page search
Get instant search results to your searches. In-page search helps you find what you need in website pages.
✔ Multi tab browser
✔ Night Mode
✔ Rich contents
This fast browser brings most trending news, videos. Never go out of date.
✔ Translation
✔ Customizable homepage
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