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25 paź 2018

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Blue Whale GAME

Blue Whale is an Android adaptation of the popular online game that was made famous in 2016 for being linked with massive teenage suicides.

The idea behind Blue Whale is simple: during a 50-day time period, you're supposed to complete some pretty absurd tasks shown on your screen. When you tap the screen for the first time, you'll see the first challenge: to wear your underwear outside your clothes. Also, the timer will start running, to keep track of how long it takes you to complete each task. As you complete the challenges, you just have to tap the screen and a new 'mission' will be assigned.

The tasks range from hugging the person next to you, to drawing on your face with permanent marker or embarrassing yourself in public. Blue Whale is a mobile adaptation of this disturbing game that has caused so much controversy and social uproar in recent years. It's a potentially dangerous game for more vulnerable audiences.
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