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Ostatnia Wersja

Wersja1.1.2 (8)
Zaktualizowano23 gru 2016
KategoriaAplikacje, Narzędzia

Aplikacja CLEO SA

Use cheats, spawn cars and make use of lots of other useful features in SA.

* NOTE! This is an unofficial third party application designed to provide ability to use custom game scripts for SA, you must have original game already installed in order to use this.
CLEO SA is a mobile version of the top-most popular PC version add-on - CLEO library, which enhances game's script engine with ability to load custom scripts. Use cheats, spawn cars and make use of lots of other useful features!
In order to activate CLEO menu in the game, slide from screen top to bottom thru center or press hardware menu button for a second, other controls in the menu and in the scripts are pretty much obvious as well - touch screen on the left or right, on the top or bottom in order to change selection of whatever is on your screen and center for selecting it.
Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability: You are using this application at your own risk, you agree to take full responsibility for anything that this app can cause. You are not allowed to install this application if you don't agree with the terms written above.
This software is using art generated by Android Action Bar Style Generator.
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