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NazwaDahar - Jharkhand APK
Wersja8.0 (9)
Zaktualizowano17 sty 2022
Instalacje50 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Edukacja

Aplikacja Dahar - Jharkhand

Aplikacja służy do identyfikacji dzieci pozaszkolnych.

DAHAR “डहर” is a Mobile and Web based Digital Application for holistic action plan and review of Out-of-School (OoSC) and drop out children in Jharkhand state developed with the support of UNICEF. Literally, DAHAR word is derived from Nagpuri dialect which is one of the local dialects in Chotanagpur region in state meaning “Path Way”. This is an initiative of Jharkhand Education Project Council under School Education and Literacy Department, Jharkhand which is implementing agency of flagship education program–“Samagra Shiksha”. This application is mainly for tracking out-of-school children and planning and mainstreaming of these children in regular schooling system. This application will support in planning and designing different strategies to mainstream out-of-school children and monitor the schemes designed for them. In addition to mainstreaming out-of-school children, this app would monitor his/her progression year to year as well, so as to efficiently deal with OoSC and drop out children.:
• Conduct door-to-door survey and prepare a database of all school-going age children
• Enumerate and keep track of OOSC in a timely, and quality manner, through intensive data analysis and monitoring and mainstream them
• Reduce the number of out of school children through timely enrolment, regular attendance and flexible learning for elementary and secondary aged children
DAHAR application is the digitized version of the pen paper forms which allows data collection from fields which will capture characters as well as numbers according to the field’s requirement. It will support real time data validation, making sure that the data collected is worthy of analysis later.
3 types of users will be using the application extensively With Login facility for each user type who have specific roles to play to make the programme a success.
Three users are as follows:
• School teacher (Surveyor) – will have to identify the Out-of-School child
• Head Master (Planning officer) – Will have to enroll the Out-of-school Child
• Monitoring Officer (Zonal officer) – Will have to monitor the Out-of-School Child.
The application will reflect different functionalities according to the login of a user type.
This application may be used for:
• Identification of children as out-of-school
• Planning of Out-of-school children
• Enrolment of the identified Out-of-school children
• Monitoring and follow up of the enrolled Out-of-School children
• Final Mainstreaming of the Children for next session.
• Addition and tagging of habitations to a particular catchment area from the head master’s interface
Features of the Application
• Digital Survey
• Application is functional in offline mode also i.e. survey can also be done in case the application does not have internet connection, the data will be stored in application and as soon as connectivity is regained the data will be synched to the server.
• User Friendly Interface
• Bilingual Application i.e. application supports both languages English as well as Hindi
• Multiple surveys can be conducted on the same application
• Validations have been incorporated to increase the quality of data
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