Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout brings together, jumb up


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10 sie 2020
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Fall Guys GAME

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout brings together, jumbled up, hordes of online contenders, and bluntly throws them into a goofy competition made up of increasingly anarchic rounds where participants are gleefully knocked out until it is gone. only one left! Overcome bizarre obstacles, crush turbulent rivals and defy the inflexible laws of physics to fight your way to supreme splendor! Leave your self-esteem in the locker room and prepare for some burlesque setbacks before you can hope to proudly wield the crown!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout offers 60 protean competitors to compete in joy and bad faith to win the Holy Grail of this universe: a crown that will attest to all of your more or less deserved victory. To hope to win the said trophy, it will be necessary to survive five successive rounds in the form of permanent elimination. In the end, there will only be one left.
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