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NazwaLeslie's APK
Wersja4.2.0 (303)
Zaktualizowano04 wrz 2021
DeweloperLeslie's Poolmart
Instalacje100 000+
KategoriaAplikacje, Dom

Aplikacja Leslie's - Pool Care

Miej wody w basenie bezpieczne i doskonale wyważone z tej aplikacji.

The Leslie’s Pool Supplies app makes pool care easier. Quickly run water tests at home and get detailed treatment plans, which include recommended pool chemicals, spa chemicals and dosage instructions. It’s your at-home pool calculator! View your test history, including the 9-point tests done in Leslie’s stores. Plus get access to rewards, exclusive offers, transaction history, pool care tips, pool maintenance recommendations and more! It’s simple - take the guesswork out of swimming pool chemistry, and let our app simplify your pool testing and spa testing needs.
Just some of the reasons you’ll love our app:
- Test for pH, Free Available Chlorine, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Phosphates, Cyanuric Acid and more!
- Track and view water tests, including those made at home and those done in a Leslie’s store
- Get detailed treatment plans personalized for your pool type
- Solve common pool problems like algae, cloudy water and scaling
- Receive pool care maintenance tips and recommendations from our pool professionals
- Get spa maintenance tips from our experts
- View prior transactions and products purchased
- Add to cart from treatment plan
- Buy again from prior transactions
- Shop products online
- Access available rewards
- See progress to your next reward
- Access exclusive member deals
- Personalized notifications to help make pool care and spa care easy
- Find a nearby Leslie’s location
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