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Ostatnia Wersja

NazwaPhantom Rose APK
Wersja1.3.23 (127)
Zaktualizowano05 sty 2022
DeweloperStudio Maka
Instalacje500 000+
KategoriaGry, Karciane

Gry Phantom Rose Scarlet

Roguelike Card Adventure. Walcz i zbieraj potężne karty.

Fight and collect powerful cards as Reina, a maid exploring a mansion ravaged by evil creatures.

◆ A Roguelike Card Adventure
Phantom Rose is an indie game by solo developer & artist makaroll. Build your card deck and make careful decisions while you explore as each death may be permanent.

◆ Defeat and Collect
Collect over 100+ cards and powerful items by defeating phantoms & rescuing other maids in distress

◆ Manage Your Deck
There's no luck-based card draw during battle. Instead, manage your card's cooldown to defeat your foe swiftly and efficiently.

◆ Explore Through Dangers
Venture through areas of interest, danger, and place of safety to reach and defeat the crown phantoms for large rewards

日本語 (Japanese)
한국어 (Korean)

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