Aplikacja VisionLive firmy XOi umożliwia technikom łączenie się i współpracę w czasie rzeczywistym


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4 paź 2021
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Vision Live APP

XOi’s VisionLive app allows your techs to virtually connect and collaborate in real-time for
faster training and problem resolution direct from the field. The app allows you to access
a virtual, interactive environment from your team’s existing smart devices, enabling:

Real-Time Remote Video Support
• Efficiently grow and scale your team by virtually connecting newer techs with more senior team members.

Live Video Pausing & Markup
• Easily pause the live call to quickly talk through and troubleshoot onsite issues.

Live Document & Resource Sharing
• Quickly share live links, documentational materials, and notes with your tech.

Remote Control Capabilities
• Remotely control your tech’s phone or device. Perfect for jobs in dark or cramped crawl spaces, basements, or attics.

Upload Video to the Knowledge Base
• Repurpose recorded calls for training and support.
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