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Project Sekai

- プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat. 初音ミク

A new rhythm game featuring Hatsune Miku


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Dec 18, 2022
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Project Sekai GAME

"Vampire", "KING", "Loki", "Charle", "Tell Your World" and many more.
From the latest popular songs to master songs everyone knows, many are included in 3DMV!
SEGA x Colorful Palette presents this rhythm game with ease for everyone.

■■ from the latest popular songs to master songs that everyone knows ■■
Fhoni (Song: Tsumiki)
Senbon Sakura (Song Song: Black Rabbit)
Dramaturggy (Song: Eve; Eve)
Tell Your World (Word: kz (livetune) Music: kz (livetune))
KING (Words: Hanaria, Music: Hanaria)
Disliked by Lives (Song: Kanzakioli; Music: Kanzakioli)
Vampire (Song: DECO*27; Music: DECO*27)
Charle (Song: Balloon: Music: Balloon)
Loki (Words: Miki & P: Music: Miki & P)
Asnoyozo's sentry team (Song: Orangestar; Music: Orangestar)
Matryoshka (Song: Bee: Music: Bee)
Rush at Night (Song: Ayase, Music: Ayase)
Laurin Girl (Long Song: wowaka Music: wowaka)
World is Mine (Song: ryo; Music: ryo)
Goodbye Declaration (Words: Chinozo: Music: Chinozo)

■■ Virtual New Singers! ■■
With 6 hats like Miko, Rin of kagaze, Len of mirror sounds, Luke of Melee, MEIKO and KAITO,
20 unique characters are here!
Enjoy the story that takes place in two stages: real world and "Sekai"!

■■ "Virtual Live" ■■
Join players from around the country and enjoy real-time live!
Spice up the live with your favorite avatar outfits and penlights!


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[Recommended Devices]
Android 4.0 or higher, Snapdragon 845 or higher, Memory (RAM) 4GB or higher

[Supported Languages]
This language is only available in English. Please note that you can not choose any other language.


This application uses "Live2D" by Live2D Inc.
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