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Última versão

NomeAppstore APK
Versãorelease-9.2540.1.2.207760.0_2000992210 (2000992210)
Atualizada11 de 11 de 2021
DesenvolvedorAmazon Mobile LLC
CategoriaApps, Ferramentas

App Amazon AppStore

Official App store for Amazon devices like kindle or fire phone.

Amazon AppStore is the official application for Amazon mobiles like Amazon Fire, which is not available through Google Play. Thanks to this application, not only can you download tons of other free applications and video games for your Android, but you can also buy many others. Amazon AppStore is same as Google Play store for Android.

Download Amazon App Store APK file right away for free and get unlimited and unrestricted access to millions of free and paid apps and games on the fly.

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