Hacking simulador - um aplicativo que quadrinhos!


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20 de mai de 2021

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Hacking Simulator GAME

Hacker simulator is a comic application, a game that will make you feel like a real hacker! With this application you can hack into cameras in houses, traffic lights, lights and electronic locks.
Dreaming of being a cool hacker? Now you have the opportunity to get closer to your dream. You can use the application at a party, at home, at school or in the store and friends will think that you are a real hacker!

It will appeal to both adults and children! Download the application, and show what a cool hacker you are, let your friends stay in shock! Before hacking the camera, you need to connect to the proxy by clicking on the card and after that you can show how you hacked the neighbors.

Joke over your friends, colleagues!
The application is completely free!
Thank you for playing with us, leave us your feedback, and we will take them into account in future updates!
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