Lança um aplicativo de TV quando o dispositivo é inicializado


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1 de set de 2022

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Launch on Boot APP

On Google TV, there was a way to launch a specific app when the device booted. By default the device would display the TV stream, making the OS feel more like an overlay on top of your television than something completely isolated.

Android TV will simply just display the launcher on a reboot, a small distraction for users expecting to see TV and annoying for individuals using Android TV as a dumb kiosk displaying a single video or stream.

This app allows the user to select a specific app to open when the device boots. It's just that simple. Any leanback-enabled app can be opened. Alternatively, the default TV app can be opened, returning you to the channel you just saw.

Want to make your Android TV act more like a dumb TV? Want to launch Sling TV immediately. You should download this small utility app.
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