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Colete e gerencie os pedidos de seus clientes rapidamente e em movimento!


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17 de mai de 2022
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App Order Manager - PocketSell

PocketSell is a simple app for collecting orders, managing the digital commission copy and sending orders to the company automatically. Whether you are a seller, a representative, a sales person or an agent, you will be able to place your order in complete autonomy and digitize the old paper orders both from Smartphone and Tablet, also without an Internet connection.
Just select your customer and the items with relevant quantities, set the discount and with just one click your order will be completed and ready to be sent to the company and to your customer in PDF format.

The app integrates with any management software so that the orders collected in mobility can be automatically placed in the business management. Whereas if you want to share immediately your data with the company or with the whole commercial team, just buy the Cloud version of PocketSell and you will be always sure to work with updated personal data and handle the work in an efficient and fast way.

PocketSell is available on 5 systems. Download the Windows, Mac OS X and iOS versions of PocketSell on the www.pocketsell.com website or access by Web at web.pocketsell.com in order to use your data wherever and whenever you want through the Cloud license.

From the Windows, Web, and MAC OS you can edit fields, writings and sections to adapt the program to your work method, autonomously. Once the changes are done, syncronize in Cloud and everything you have customized in the Desktop version you find it also within the App iOS and Android. Use the Windows version to import your data and modify the app.

The advantages?
• Use your smartphone or tablet also to work
• Get rid of paper
• Work wherever you want also without the Internet
• Complete your Orders in a fast and error-free way

With PocketSell you can:

• Schedule the visits at your customers'

• Work everywhere also offline

• Export your Excel data

• Make your customer sign orders

• Send orders by E-mail

• Quickly generate reports about the monthly totals and the sold products

• Check your profitability

• Coordinate a commercial team or manage an agent group

… and much more

Try PocketSell and you will never go back!
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