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Radargram is a free messenger
Radargram has all the features of official app and many amazing features that build a powerful, stable, fast and secure messenger app for you.
Note that some of these features are just provided in Radargram ;)

Some of the most important features you will find on Radargram :

✓ Chats, Groups, Channels, bots,... are categorized in different tabs
✓ You can see edited and deleted messages
✓ You can preview messages without letting them be marked as seen (Similar to ghost mode)
✓ You can customize your views, tabs, colors, themes, fonts and so on
✓ You can change your voice using different effects and surprise your friends
✓ You can see the history of contact made changes in their profile picture, name, ...
✓ You can protect your privacy by hiding your chats and protect them with password
✓ You can delete multiple chats, leave multiple channels and groups, mute multiple chats, groups ...
✓ You can schedule your downloads like files, videos, gifs, voices and music
✓ You can manage all your media and files in embedded file manager
✓ You can use the category bar to quickly access to your most recent chats and groups

Browse in the many options of Radargram and find a lot of useful settings and customizations that will provide you a fast, smooth, stable and joyful experience of the best ever messenger app

Enjoy the super fast swiping of tabs, navigating to different tabs, scrolling super smooth lists of chats, channels and find the seamless experience you never have experienced before

Send feedback to our live support. Our colleague is waiting to chat with you and get your feedback and deliver them to us so we make it even better every single day

Radargram is the best free messenger app customized to bring you a higher level of a messenger app
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