A história começa com um poderoso artefato mágico sendo Shattered Dimensions


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Spider Shattered Dimensions Ultimate GAME

Swinging through the air and pounding bad guys to a pulp are two of the things heroes does best,
and in Spider Shattered Dimensions Ultimate, you do plenty of both while playing as four different versions of Spider: Amazing, Ultimate, Man, and Noir. Each Spidey is quick and powerful,
allowing you to deftly evade your enemies and string together brutal combos using your substantial spider powers.
At its best, Shattered Dimensions captures the energy and excitement of the webslinging superhero,
and most of the time, you'll revel in your enhanced abilities.
However, occasional locomotion snags and a creeping sense of repetition put a kink in Spidey's web,
and the Noir levels aren't as strong as the others. Yet the excellent art design goes a long way toward smoothing out these wrinkles,
and in the end, Shattered Dimensions proves itself a very entertaining adventure.
As the walls of reality begin to crumble, Spider Shattered Dimensions Ultimate across the four men different dimensions must hunt down the shards of the artifact under the guidance of the mysterious Madame Web.
Her disembodied voice gives our heroes plenty of opportunities to make wisecracks (not that they need any encouragement),
and each Spidey has a distinct personality that helps each dimension feel unique.
Bantering with villains opens up more opportunity for humor, and along with some genuinely funny jokes,
there are a lot of enjoyable pop culture references and nods to the heroes canon.
The dialogue sometimes tilts too much towards the cliche,
and there are certain times (especially boss fights) when Spidey or Madame Web repeat the same quip with alarming frequency.
Fortunately, those instances are infrequent,
and dialogue generally does a great job of capturing heroes signature mix of determination and impertinence.
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