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Última versão

NomeTechflix APK
Versão1.0.0 (14)
Atualizada01 de 09 de 2020
DesenvolvedorMelb App Dev
CategoriaApps, Corporativo

App Techflix


Techflix® provides a platform tailored to your organisation where staff can access technical content in real-time that will provide information on whatever equipment or situation they are confronted with. Staff will be able to access your content, videos, documents, or links to help them work safer and more efficiently.
Organisations are using Techflix® to-
• Provide technical instruction
• Demonstrate work practices
• Allow ready access to procedures, rules and regulations
• Circulate Incident reports
• Provide time critical information to field staff
The Techflix® App can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.
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