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Feb 20, 2024
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Free quiz app with live duels with friends and random opponents with over 200 quizzes that have not been in Poland yet, such as: ⚽ Football, 📺 Series, 🎞️ Movies, 🗡️ Games, 📚 Literature and a lot of other unusual quizzes! 😎 We haven't forgotten about a large number of school knowledge quizzes 📚 Each quiz has about 500 questions and a separate ranking 🏅 Now we have over 150,000 questions and there is an option to add questions in the application so the number of questions is growing quickly thanks to the players involved, for which we are very grateful! :)

Each Quiz House game consists of 6 questions. We have 3 basic game modes: alone, with a friend or with a random opponent. In addition, in the game mode with a friend and a stranger, you can play live or turn-based, i.e. one person plays first, then the second person plays for 48 hours, after which the duel expires, so it's worth reminding your friend that he was challenged 😉

In addition, we have cool statistics on the profile that will show how many duels you have played, which quizzes are your favorites, but the most important thing is that you can test your knowledge, play with your friends and even win a duel with the creators of MaturaToBzdura 😎
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