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Raising Rank Insignia


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Latest Version

NameRank Insignia APK
Version2.9.0 (2902)
UpdatedOct 16, 2021
DeveloperLucky Chan Games
CategoryGames, Simulation

Raising Rank Insignia Game

For every Military Fans! Simple control and a cool shooting make intense fun!

Insignia from private to general!
Raise your insignia and train to defeat enemy tanks, battleships, and fighter planes.
Simple controls and cool blows will bring you so much intense fun!
It's a game that you can't stop playing once you start. Enlist in raising your rank insignia!

A game that reminds reserve officers of memories from their military days
A game that allows people who haven't been to the army yet and their significant others know what ranks exist in the military
A virtual promotion experience for those who are currently in the army

Main Features
- Accumulate insignia to get promoted!
- Collect all the insignia from private to general!
- Easy to play if you like merging games!
- Go to battle with the insignia that you've collected!
- Defeat powerful bosses!
- Various enemies such as tanks, battleships, fighter planes, and spaceships will appear.
- You can earn gold by removing enemy tanks in battle.
- Earn rewards for completing various achievements.
- Receive airdrop supplies at regular intervals
- Build your reputation for a better medal
- Feel the growth of your rank through the evaluation of your combat power
- You can check the difference in firepower that varies depending on the type and level of the insignia.
- You can win high rank insignia through the Lucky Box.
- You can play more easily by using special skills such as close air support, reinforced bullets, and so on.

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There are various strategies and tactics shared through our social media.

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