Grab your hero and gear up to battle and claim treasures inside deep dungeons!


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Mar 27, 2023

Relic Strike GAME

Thank you for playing Relic Strike.
We are saddened to announce that, as of
UTC 06:00 on 4/25/2023
we will be ending service for the game.
Tackle dungeons full of treasure with simple controls and character-switching!
Thrilling rogue-like shooting action rich with features tailored to hardcore players!

-Simple yet thrilling rogue-like action you can play with the tip of a finger!
Increase your strength with skills obtained at random as you level up.
Double-tap once the gauge is full to conquer a dungeon with special attacks unique to each character.

Enhance and customize characters freely to suit your play style!
6 weapon types with different attack styles, effects, and other features, as well as characters with tons of personality!
You can also customize characters however you wish with Orbs that boost your preferred stats.

-A perfect way to have fun even during short windows of free time!
Rewards accumulate even while the game is off and will be obtained in large amounts at your next login.
Set a time at the Mines in town to dispatch characters and get oodles of items.

-Go for the highest Power possible!
Compete with other players using Power calculated from the stats of characters and equipment.
Try to build the strongest party among all the players in the world!
Recommended Devices: Android9.0
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