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Sep 4, 2023
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Resize photo APP

Photo scaler resizer it is very useful application allowing to reduce a photo size from local or remote media storage like gallery, picassa, google drive and more.

If you need custom resolution for Youtube or other site, this app is for you!
You can select one of predefined resolutions or enter custom values.

User can easily reduce the photo or image size and share it to one of the supported applications or social media eg. Facebook, Instagram, Mail, MMS, Twitter, Google+ and any others. Photo resizer is small, fast and really easy to use.

Now you can support us and remove ADs.

You can change resolution with photo resizer app in three easy steps:
1. Select photo from internal or external source
2. Choose or enter the custom resolution
3. Share the photo

List of supported features:
- small, fast and easy,
- best size/qualiy ratio,
- opening image from local gallery or remote gallery (eg. picassa, google drive),
- pre-defined and custom resolutions (useful for youtubers),
- saving resized images to the folder visible in gallery (/pictures),
- sharing image to one of the supported application or social media,

Q: Does the quality change for not resized photo?
A: No, original image is used when shared.

Q: What about files stored on flash by the image scaler, how to remove them?
A: They can be accessed easily in built in gallery and removed.

Q: Why cannot I open picassa, google drive image in the photo resizer when Wi-Fi is not active?
A: Wi-Fi is required to open a picture from remote gallery.

Q: What is the resize photo app price?
A: It is totally free! It displays only one small banner ad.

Q: Can I buy the version of the picture scaler without ads?
A: For now there is no such version but let us know that you are interested and we will consider publishing it ASAP.

In case of any change proposal do not hesitate to contact us.
We really care about it and we will consider all suggestions.

We also appreciate every comment we receive, so give us your opinion if you wish regarding Photo scaler, resizer.
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