Casual Social game about Richman business simulation


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Mar 9, 2024
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Richman Go GAME

Classic Richman gameplay with brand new 3D cute characters, 3D maps, and innovative social functions. It is humorous and cute. Whether you want to live the life of the richest man in the world or live on the street, everything is under your control!

You can walk around the map by throwing dice, and then build houses to collect tolls from your opponents. If you win all the opponent's money, you can win. During the game, you can use cards to frame your opponents and place props, which can also help you reverse the situation at critical moments and turn defeat into victory!

The game contains many levels and maps, novel and rich new social gameplay, and networking modes. Do you want to go from a poor man who only owns an empty land to a rich man worldwide? Work hard to collect cards, upgrade real estate, earn gold coins, and use various means to expand your wealth. The goal is to become the world's richest man who dominates the world!
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