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Rite of Kings - Fantasy RPG


Fantasy online multiplayer role playing game/collectible card game


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Feb 9, 2022

Rite of Kings - Fantasy RPG Game

After a thousand years of peace, the world of Esria was enveloped with darkness. Magic forces beyond what has ever been seen before rose from the shadows, whispering in the ears of those willing to listen. Rebellion struck, and the once powerful kingdom of Esria fractured. With the king dead, any hope for a future for Esria lies in the hands of the kings only son, Jin. And you...

Rite of Kings is a new fantasy online role playing game/collectible card game. Create teams of heroes that you use to battle the evil in Esria. Start each battle with a deck of cards designed to empower your heroes in ways they've never been seen before. Can you come up with a unique strategy to outsmart your opponent?

* Interactive story mode - can you restore peace to Esria?
* 14 Unique playable heroes
* 79 Unique cards
* Card fusion; combine multiples of the same card to create a more powerful version
* Gem inscription - Create unique combinations that work specifically for your team!
* Hunts - single player dungeons with daily limits to quickly gain resources such as gold and exp with more hunts coming soon.
* The Void - Challenge the Void and see how far you can make it!
* Several quests surrounding the current available content.
* 2 player dungeon
* 1v1 arena
* Level cap is set at level 50
* Consumables such as hero exp flask, class card packs, fusion potions, etc.
* Daily login bonus - repeats every 30 days
* New Player login bonus, new players get 7 days of additional bonuses to help them start their adventure!
* World Boss

Coming soon:
* 20 more playable heroes planned
* 100 more unique cards planned
* More content coming, including 2-4 player dungeons, and 2v2 arena
* Guilds and guild bosses/guild pvp
* Events such as double exp/gold
* Limited/Seasonal events
* And more!

Requires Android 6 or higher. Devices with lower quality hardware may need to turn down graphics/resolution for best user experience.
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