Получите бесплатную загрузочную SD-карту USB Lite Pro для изучения ISO-карты SD.


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6 нояб. 2018 г.
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Bootable SDCard USB Lite Pro APP

Bootable SDCard USB Lite Pro is Choose and ISO or IMG File, Insert you SD Card into your phone, And write the Image to the SD Card. Boot your Linux, FreeBSD, Windows or any other ISO on your computer. Bootable SDCard USB Lite Pro is Needs root access, USB OTG adapter
Make sure your SD Card or USB Stick is properly recognized by Android.
Note that large SD Cards/USB won't work due the limitations of FAT32 file systems. Prepare bootable SD cards for your Raspberry Bootable SDCard USB Lite Pro on your phone - no storage needed.
- Write Caspian NOOBS / Libeler (KODI) / Ubuntu SD cards without root
- Can use internal / external SD card or USB card reader
- Write while downloading - doesn't use up GBs of space of phone
- Safe - by default does not delete files on SD
- Read/backup SD card (this feature needs root)
Can automatically download, and install OS to SD/USB
More details:
- Download OS images direct in the app
- Write rasping NOOBS / KODI SD cards without root 
- Write SD Card direct from custom image’s file or zipped images(root)
- Backup SD card direct to a compressed zip file (root)
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