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Locale More - Language Setting


Locale More - Language Setting find and switch locale/language more efficiently


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23 февр. 2022 г.
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Do you still bother for having no more locale (language) on your phone?
Do your still bother for the difficulties of finding locales (languages) out quickly?

With the help of the Locale More, nothing is impossible.

1. If there is no certain language for you on the phone, you can find it in this app and set it to your locale / language quickly.
2. Some frequently used locale can be saved to favorite list in witch can switch locale or switch language effectively.
3. Corresponding national flag can help you find out and set locales easily.
4. Languages and locale can be added to the added-list and you can combine locale with any country freely.
5. Three kinds of display models to choose.
6. Support android 4.2 and higher.

This is the best locale and language setting app.
Download and apply it as soon as possible.
You will find how useful and effective it is.