Samurai Daisuke revenge is a Japanese warrior-style 3D action game.


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May 5, 2021
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Samurai Daisuke GAME

Samurai Daisuke revenge is a Japanese warrior-style 3D action game for players who love bloody battles, beautiful and show off the ultimate fighting strategy, with unlimited combo skills. and extremely smooth experience.
The game remains at the core of the popular legendary warriors such as Haohmaru, Ukyo Tachibana revenge , Nakoruru revenge , Galford revenge , Genjuro revenge , Hanzo Hattori revenge with beautiful attacks.
Experience Samurai Daisuke Revenge, players not only relive the heroic blood of samurai, but also satisfy the audio-visual with sharp graphics and extremely vivid sound.
The first version has the appearance of 10 classes with 10 separate skill sets and equipment, each faction skillfully recreates the classic moves.
- Unlimited combo skills and more than 13 combined skills arbitrary. freely set primary and secondary skills as well as button positions for the most-handed.
- Demon World Survival: All players on the same battlefield with equal combat force, participating in the chaos, the last survivor will be the winner.
- The boxer companion system: Collect, enhance and practice martial arts skills to have a top-notch combat formation.
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