Learn to drive and park a school bus, and become the ultimate school bus driver!


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Jun 25, 2024

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School Bus Simulator Driving GAME

Can you drive a bus? Show off your driving skills by taking the wheel in the thrilling School Bus Simulator Driving game. Perfect for fans of bus games, bus simulators, and car parking challenges, this game lets you become a top-notch bus driver.

Navigate city traffic, obey signals, avoid obstacles, and reach your destinations on time to earn rewards. Impress the strict Dean with your driving prowess and prove your skills in this engaging driving game.

Speed through city streets as you take up various driving duties for the school. If you're passionate about bus driving, this game is your ideal match. Experience the full range of bus driving challenges with various buses, realistic physics, and stunning graphics.

Additionally, enjoy a unique bus-driving adventure in a Wildlife Safari Park. Drive through the park to see animals in their natural habitats. And transport the staff to various locations. Feel the excitement as you drive past elephants, hippos, and more.

School Bus Simulator Driving Game Modes:
School Duty: Take on pick up and drop off assignments around the city. Navigate traffic and ensure timely arrivals.
School Bus Parking: Test your parking skills with a large bus. Maneuver and park without damage.
Wildlife Safari: Drive through a thrilling safari, showcasing your bus driving skills as you navigate past wild animals.
Open World: Enjoy driving in the city. Choose your favorite bus and drive endlessly.
Special Events: Participate in time-limited events, driving through the city and earning rewards.

Game Features:
Over 140 buses and cars to drive, including challenging driving levels and parking tests.
Realistic day, dusk, and night modes for an authentic driving experience.
Open-world city for endless driving fun.
Free-cam views to appreciate the city and safari graphics.
Unique Wildlife Safari driving experience with diverse animals.
Extensive bus customization options.
If you love driving and want to master bus driving, this is the ultimate bus game for you.

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Take the challenge and drive a variety of buses and cars, from school buses to monster buses to sports cars, becoming the ultimate bus driver. Enjoy the full experience of city and wildlife safari driving. Customize your bus and showcase your skills.

This bus driving game is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Korean, Malay, Filipino, Romanian, Polish and Kazakh.

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