Craft, Build & Trade, become Wasteland tycoon. Simulation game with Fight zombie


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May 11, 2024
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Shop Survival - Weapon Master GAME

Manage a weapon shop in dangerous wasteland. Form your own army to save the survivor and resist Zombies.

There is a group of carefree, happy Cat lives on the Meow Star, they form tribes to develop civilization and technology. One day, extraterrestrial creatures destroyed everything, home become ruins, friends become enemies, radiation contaminates vast jungles, the farm cannot be cultivated. The Cat Survivor established shelters and protect their land for the continuation of race, bravely fighting against terrifying zombies and enemies in the wasteland.

It's time to manage a weapon shop in the wasteland, saving survivors and fight against zombies!

“Shop Survival” is a simulation RPG game that players act as a weapon shop manager in a zombie-infested apocalypse. The shopkeeper seek ways to manage a weapon store, aspiring to become business tycoon and save their race and tribe. Players can collect various blueprints, dispatch heroes on adventures, and invest factory to gather raw materials. You can hire craftsmen to CRAFT weapons, equipment, and survival supplies. Abundant resources allow for equipping and selling items to satisfy customer needs. Occasionally, special customers visit the store, offering rich bonuses for fulfilling their demands.

During idle time, Shopkeeper must always be ready to face the dangers of zombies. Recruit and train heroes, create ultra-powerful equipment, transfer heroes into suitable professions, form teams to defend against zombie assaults, and explore dangerous areas or dungeons to obtain rare materials and exclusive blueprints, becoming the most outstanding battle hero in the wasteland!

In the game, you can PLAY:

·Manage a weapon store, become business tycoon
MANAGE: Trade various types of equipment to customers, accumulate wealth and become a millionaire
DESIGN: Decorate your shop to increase popularity, build a luxury store can attracting more special customers
CUSTOMIZE: Customize the shopkeeper’s outfit and wear fantastic fashions can attract more customers!
PET: In the apocalypse, companionship is scarce. Choose an animal as a pet to soothe loneliness

·Collect rare blueprints, create powerful equipment
CRAFT: Research and produce a variety of blueprints to meet customer needs, including: blade, sword, blunt, armor, shotgun, rifle, shields, jewelry, medicines, etc.
QUALITY: Upgrade blueprints to craft higher quality equipment, ensuring heroes' combat needs
FUSION: Hard to craft high-quality weapons? Try fusing equipment to instantly obtain the best weapon.

· Train heroes, fight with zombie waves, defend home and explore mystery dungeon
RECRUIT: Hire heroes with different skills, form rescue squad, and assist the shopkeeper to explore mystery dungeons
TRAINING: Train heroes by equip best equipment, improve heroes with unique skills, and using genetic potions to strengthen heroes
ADVENTURE: Send powerful heroes to explore abandoned warehouses, docks, farms and other areas, obtain rare crafting materials, and find precious treasure chests

· Multiplayer RPG game
UNION: Create the strongest Union and Invite friends to join, collaborate with members to invest in buildings, defend shelters, and complete sales tasks.
SUPERMARKET: Participate in the auction, trade with global players in the market and cooperate to establish a super market.
Chat: Communicate with players from other countries, develop your Guild, exploring the fun of the game together

· Enjoy more fun and idle game mode
OHTER MODE: Unique Roguelike gameplay, participate in Wasteland Mysteries mode, explore the wasteland of planet, and find the secret of the doomsday
IDLE MODE: Engage in crafting competitions, explore Land's Gold Mines, and challenge 05 shelters and dungeons, with more interesting idle activities waiting for you!
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