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Sep 1, 2023

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Sinesp Cidadão APP

Sinesp Cidadão is an application of the National Public Security Information System - Sinesp, which allows Brazilian citizens direct access to services of the National Public Security Secretariat.

Sinesp Cidadão is composed of the following modules:

Vehicles: allows citizens to consult the situation of theft or theft of any vehicle in Brazil, and to verify, from the data presented, if the vehicle is cloned.

Arrest Warrant: allows you to consult arrest warrants that have not yet been fulfilled, for the purpose of reporting to the police. The information is consulted directly at the National Bank of Arrest Warrants of the National Council of Justice - BNMP / CNJ;

Missing: it makes it possible for citizens to search for people who are listed as missing. The information is consulted directly from Sinesp Integração, which includes records of disappearances carried out by the State Civil Police.

NOTICE! In case of confirmation of a stolen or stolen vehicle or an open arrest warrant, the citizen must immediately inform the police by calling 190. He must not attempt any approach or approach on his own.
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