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Aug 9, 2016

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Solver for Ruzzle - Italian GAME

Words generator for Ruzzle.
ITALIAN dictionary: 250,000 words
Supported by ALL versions of Android

Take the screenshot (or enter the sequence of letters)... shake and play!!!!!

- Automatic character recognition from screenshot (NEW!)
- MINI mode display
- Guidelines to speed up the submission of the words
- Bonus multipliers (NEW!)
- Two ways to scroll the list of words (in MINI mode):
--> Shaking (slightly) the smartphone (NEW!)
--> Double-click (anywhere) on the screen

Now you can minimize the Ruzzle Solver so that it is always visible. Here are the simple steps to follow:
1) Open Ruzzle Solver - Italian
2) Click on Mini -> the application icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.
3) Open Ruzzle.
4) Challenge your friend. When the challenge starts, simply click on the icon at the bottom right.
5) Take the screenshot (or enter the 16 letters on the Ruzzle board)
6) With the MINI mode you can see ALL the words that you enter in Ruzzle.

To auto-scroll the list of words in MINI mode simply shake the smartphone
Guidelines and character recognition tested on Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus
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