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Spectaculator takes you back to the 1980s - to the golden era of 8-bit gaming!

Version2.1.1 (3388)
UpdatedApr 25, 2015 (6 years ago)
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In April 1982, Sir Clive Sinclair launched what was to become one of the most popular home computers ever made - the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Spectaculator is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator that takes you back to the 1980s - to the golden era of 8-bit gaming!

Includes the officially licensed 'Stephen Crow Anthology':
©1983-2013 Stephen Crow. All rights reserved.
- Factory Breakout
- Firelord
- Laser Snaker
- Starquake
- Wizard's Lair
... all specially adapted for Android.

• Desktop quality ZX Spectrum emulation - games and other programs run just like on a real ZX Spectrum
• Play in portrait or landscape orientations
• Save your game progress (four saved game slots + a single cloud save slot per game).
• Cloud saves (via Dropbox). Gives the possibility of saving on one device (e.g. phone) and continue playing on another device (e.g. tablet or PC)
• Enter pokes (cheats) for infinite lives, shields etc.
• Lookup game hints, tips and maps
• Play in black and white with TV screen simulation for the ultimate 1980s experience!
• Type on a virtual ZX Spectrum keyboard
• Use external Bluetooth or USB keyboards
• Choose authentic cassette loading or fast play
• Program in Sinclair BASIC
• Play using an external arcade controller (Bluetooth or USB gamepads such as an Xbox 360 controller, iControlPad, Moga Pocket, Moga Pro, Gametel and iCade)
• Use gestures (pans, taps and swipes) to control games
• Localised into Spanish
• In-app shop with licensed games from the original authors and publishers


Add your own games!
- Upload and play .TAP/.TZX cassette files, .DSK disk files and .SZX/.Z80/.SNA snapshots
- Add inlay artwork for your own games

Get an additional 19 officially licensed ZX Spectrum games to play (included in the upgrade):
- 3D Starstrike by Realtime Games Software
- Auf Wiedersehen Monty by Gremlin Graphics
- Avenger by Gremlin Graphics
- Bounder by Gremlin Graphics
- Cyclone by Vortex Software
- Dynamite Dan by Rod Bowkett/Mirrorsoft
- Highway Encounter by Vortex Software
- Jack The Nipper by Gremlin Graphics
- Krackout by Gremlin Graphics
- Jekyll & Hyde by Zenobi Software
- Metabolis by Gremlin Graphics
- Monty On The Run by Gremlin Graphics
- On The Run by Design Design
- Revolution by Vortex Software
- Tau Ceti by Pete Cooke/CRL
- The Way Of The Tiger by Gremlin Graphics
- Albatrossity by Jonathan Cauldwell
- Battery's Not Precluded by Jonathan Cauldwell
- The Fantastic Mister Fruity by Jonathan Cauldwell

... with more available from the in-app shop.

The following officially licensed game packs are available from the in-app shop:

Design Design Games Pack
- 5 Games. Includes Halls of the Things, Dark Star
- All proceeds go to the Anthony Nolan Organisation

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 1
- 6 games. Includes Wanted! Monty Mole, Skate Crazy

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 2
- 6 games. Includes Jack The Nipper II: In Coconut Capers, North Star

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 3
- 6 games. Includes Switchblade, Super Scramble Simulator +3

Odin Computer Graphics Anthology
- 9 games. Includes Nodes Of Yesod, Robin Of The Wood, Heartland

Realtime Games Pack
- Starstrike II, 3D Tank Duel

Vortex Anthology
- 6 games. Includes Alien Highway, Deflektor, T.L.L. (Tornado Low Level)

Zenobi Adventure Pack Vol. 1
- 6 games. Includes Aura-Scope, The Gods of War, Leopold The Minstrel

Zenobi Adventure Pack Vol. 2
- 6 games. Includes The Khangrin Plans, The Krazy Kartoonist Kaper

Zenobi Adventures Vol. 3
- 5 games. Includes The Apprentice, The Bardic Rite, Jester Quest

The following single games are available from the in-app shop:
- Carrier Command
- Dynamite Dan II
- Frank N. Stein
- Laser Squad (Free!)
- Lords Of Chaos (Free!)
- The Lords Of Midnight

What's New

• 2.1.1: Doomdark's Revenge working again.
• Added 30 new licensed games including Back To Skool, Doomdark's Revenge, Everyone's a Wally, Flunky, Pheenix, Rex, Skool Daze, Wheelie, Magic Knight Anthology (4 games. Features Knight Tyme)
• Playback of replays (.RZX) files
• Change location of folder for user-added games
• Adjust on-screen joystick sensitivity
• Improved support for physical controls and gamepads
• Upgraded Dropbox client libraries
• Many stability improvements and bug fixes

Email: support6031769@spectaculator.com

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