Sound of rain, Christmas tree. The end of the world is warm and sad.



Version1.5.1 (17)
UpdatedFeb 20, 2020 (1 week ago)
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Let's escape from the door by exploring the world like a picture book.

■ Features ■
· It is an escape game that solves a mystery together with a cute character.
· Escape game It is a game that even beginners can enjoy.
· Go around various stages, use items or solve problems and escape.
· Clear room will become lively.
· All six stages. There are plenty of extras.
· Healing music. Turn on BGM and play around.
· Once you clear the stage you can play many times later.
· You can play all free.

■ It is recommended for ■
· I love healing games.
· I like escape games.
· I like kawaii games.
· I love cute characters and animals.
· I want to play freely and free of charge.
· I want to collect items.

■ How to play
· It is a simple operation with only tap.
· Let's tap where I was interested.
· Press and hold the item in the item box to enlarge it.
· When the number of items increases, swipe the item box left or right to select it.
· Tap the gear icon on the screen to open the menu.
· You can see hints and answers from the menu. (* Required video viewing)

■ Note ■
Depending on the model, there may be times when it seems to stop on the white screen at the beginning of the stage.
There is a possibility that it takes time to load, so it may start when you wait for a while.

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What's New

Fixed a bug that stopped when seeing hints.
A new permission is now required for updates.
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1.5.0 (16)Feb 14, 2020
1.4.0 (14)Nov 22, 2019
1.3.1 (12)Jul 13, 2018
1.3.0 (11)Jun 05, 2018
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