Sundae Picnic - With Cats&Dogs APK

Sundae Picnic - With Cats&Dogs


Shall we go on a picnic today? Decorate picnic. Relax and chill with animals


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Aug 17, 2022

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Sundae Picnic - With Cats&Dogs Game

Features :

· Make and sell ice cream in the park!

You can make various flavors of soft ice cream from vanilla, mint, chocolate to strawberry, matcha.

We should also have toppings such as rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, wafer stick and cherries, right?

· Be friends with cats and dogs

There are cats&dogs all over the park.
Please make ice cream. If the animals liked the ice cream you made, they might come to the picnic :)

Sometimes some animals are picky, so keep that in mind!

· Make your own picnic

Picnic mats, beach beds, swimming pools, BBQ party grills, and more than 100 kinds of picnic furniture, fences and tiles are prepared. Decorate it according to your preference.

Note that there are some furniture that animals especially like! Don't forget to decorate it with it :D

· Update soon

New animal friends and furnitures will continue to be updated. We're looking forward to a nice picnic! Please enjoy :)
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