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Sep 6, 2023

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Talking Monkey GAME

🐵 Talking Monkey is a fun combo of monkey talk and virtual pet games. Make monkey go happy by playing mini games with him. Yo will become best talking friends before you even know it! 🐵

Chimpy is a silly monkey banana-crazy who loves playing. He might not be the powerful gorilla, but this virtual pet is a true sweetie. To hear the monkey talk, say something and he will repeat what you say in a funny voice. The game is simple but it is a great pastime. So, hop on a liana and jump into this monkey jungle as you download talking monkey, my virtual pet app!

Become banana by playing mini games with the happy monkey! Follow the funny monkey around and make sure he picks up all the bananas while playing the games. Talking animal games have never been more fun and if you enjoyed talking cats and dogs, you will most certainly love Talking Monkey Chimpy! Talking animals are awesome virtual pets for all those who love their furry friends. Get this monkey and let them enjoy!


🐵 Talk to the monkey and he will repeat what you say in a funny voice.
🐵 Make monkey go happy by playing mini games with him. Try out banana dash or liana hop or make sure that the flappy monkey goes through all the obstacles successfully.
🐵 Tap Chimpy on the belly to see him laugh and show off.
🐵 Swipe the screen up and down to make the monkey jump.
🐵 Tap Chimpy's tail to make the monkey angry.
🐵 Poke, slap, pet and tease Chimpy to see what else he can do.



Set your monkey running and get as many bananas as you can while trying to go between and around the trees. Fly your monkey as a bird and make sure he gets around all the obstacles.


Make your monkey jump from liana to liana while collecting time and bananas. This game is timed so you better watch out for those time collectables.


Move your monkey around to get as many good bananas as possible. Make sure he doesn't eat a rotten one because it means game over.

Talking games bring along laughter and good mood as one of the main purposes of these fun 3d games is to make you enjoy playing with a new talking friend. Chimpy is a talking pet app which will make you want to show the world what a funny monkey you've got. Talking animal games have never been more entertaining so join the monkey team on this crazy jungle ride!

Talking cats, dogs and other talking animals are fun to play with. But, how cool is it to have a happy monkey as a pet? Don't let yourself spend another day outside the monkey jungle! Download Talking Monkey free app and explore the bumpy roads of monkey life!

*** This free game is an intellectual property of Peaksel.
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