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Jul 5, 2022
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The Beluga Whale GAME

Beluga whales like to live on the surface of the sea or close to the surface of the sea, and their diving ability is quite strong. Swimming is usually slow and difficult to distinguish in waves and ice floes.

Beluga is not only elegant, but also very clean.The forehead is protruding outward and smooth, the beak is short, and the lip line is wide. Beluga body color is very light, it is unique white.

Features in The Beluga Whale Simulator
- Explore more than a dozen unique schools of fish and other wonderful creatures;
- Sink your teeth into loads of challenging missions;
- Explore an open world both above and below the waves;
- Open World Style survival game and Huge 3D Map;
- Fight with sharks to survive;

Thanks for supporting Wild Life! We are trying our best to being you the most action packed animal simulators on the app stores. The Beluga Whale is the latest installment of our adventure animal simulator games.
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