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4 Ağu 2020
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Cats & Cosplay TD: Defend the Kingdom Rush GAME

Join popular gaming 🎮 YouTuber Denis (known for his Roblox gameplay videos) in this retro action packed Tower Defense (TD) fighting game. Featuring classic top-down castle defense battles, endless action, & the best fantasy super hero cosplay costumes.

In Cats & Cosplay: Superhero TD Battles, Denis & his trusty feline sidekick (Sir Meows A Lot) clash against a rogue hoverboard riding Cat Clone 😾 set on taking over your kingdom.

In this new epic 2D strategy game, you’ll find your heroes running through colorful parks, crossy city blocks, a snowy fruit farm, a condo town, skiddy car, an abandoned mine, mushroom plants, a hidden beach, Jurassic swamps & tar pits filled with giant dino bones.

Fight and destroy endless waves with boxing power punches and lightning fast karate kicks, or crush your rivals with other fun weapons; a ninja sword , scary granny cane, axe blade, sniper gun, iron knife, or wrestling steel chair. Your party can also use exploding objects such as landmines, tnt, & dynamite to blast the bad guys dead!

A legendary clan of cats known as The Cat Army 🐈 (origins unknown) will help you wage war vs. alien creeps in this epic battle royale. This squad is comprised of four different defensive towers. Simply tap on a flag to build a fort, and double tap on it again to boost your defence during combat.

The 4 Types of Attack Towers:
I. Quadcopter Tower: Drone simulator shoots tiny rocket-powered homing missiles.
II. Tesla Tower: Electrocutes ⚡ multiple enemy units at once.
III. DJ Tower: Big musical 🎶 bass boom slows down fast moving invaders.
IV. Magical Yarnball Tower: Fires magic yarn balls (best vs flying critters).

Cats & Cosplay: Superhero TD Battles has over 50 different enemies; jumpy jellies, hopping viral eyeballs, mannequin runners, king slugs, robot hunters, dashy dogs, splashy jellies, angry jungle gorillas, powerful dragons, monkey men, mini toy drones, zombies, mean buddy dudes, crash dummies, flappy vampire bats & birds, hungry hunters, mega titans, creepy dinosaurs, red bloons, mutant monsters, & even stranger things.

This free mobile tower defense game offers seemingly endless gameplay akin to classic castle defence games but is more user friendly. With action RPG style mechanics, more skill is required to win on the battlefield. Being idle for too long in your missions will send your empire crashing down and lead to the end of your happy 8-bit world.

Rally the troops, equip your warriors, and man your battle stations!
Level-up your hero to increase hit points, run speed, defensive armor, and overall attack damage!
Perfect your craft and survival strategy to strike down and conquer the invading force!
Plant explosive bombs on the road to kill walking enemies upon impact.
Survive wars rampage and protect your marines versus infinite legions of minions seeking vengeance.
Summon special hero abilities to beat amazing slime bosses and giant mecha before they reach total domination!
Unlock a cute hidden chibi kitty cat.
Watch in awe and marvel as you brawl against the final boss!

Need a little help in defending against the revolt?! Grab some free cat coins to buy cool swag, watch video averts to earn 2 extra hearts, or play in Easy Mode. We scaled down the games difficulty so gamers of all ages can play (kids, children, teens, boys, girls, and adults of course).

So what are you waiting for...it's adventure time! Put on a superhero outfit, grab your evil granny cane, and prepare to defend the kingdom rush before it’s too late!

Rise up, claim your spot on the throne, and go become a real gaming legend.
Challenge your tower defense survival skills and lead your team to victory.

Your new favorite tube star vlogger needs your help!

This grumpy cat clone’s vengeance and reign of terror won’t stop until he conquers new frontiers and rules the badlands 🌋of your pixel universe 🌎