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23 Tem 2016
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Classic Bomberman GAME

Bomb Bomberman bomb, An extremely exciting action strategy game for your smartphone.
★How to play★
- Use the navigation controls to move, you can choose 4-button or joystick.
- Collect many powerful items quickly.You will be a most dangerous bomber with a ton of bomb and powerful blast.
- Every monster are cunning, so you should choose a strategy to bombing them!
- The Bosses, they have a horrible skill and special moves. Show your friends how you play as best!
- Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can buy interesting items even life by gold.
- And last thing... BOM!!! .

★Feature ★
- Beautiful and stunning graphics design
- Attractive Bomberman game play, you will control the hero to get through many game levels from easy to difficult.
- A variety of game items will help you get through the game level and blown away the enemy.