Liman babası ve ben mobil, eski bir okul arcade dövüş oyunu. Anılarla dolu


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4 Ara 2020
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Dad And Me:Super Daddy Punch Hero GAME

Finally, the classic childhood arcade game come to mobile. To make a best porting, we keep everything as the original game, We add a joystick and punch buttons as controller. Now you can enjoy it on mobile. Have fun.Be a super daddy and punch hero for your son.

For these who do not know the childhood flash game dad and me, This is a must try arcade fighting game. Dad and Me is an awesome game which super dad and you will be working together to cause as much mayhem as possible. So let's give it ago and start the dad day. Beat out the kids with your son.

Controls are fairly simple: joystick control movement, one button for beat up, and another button does punch. They can be combined to create combo attacks. When rage slot is full, you will enter rage mode, in which you will got new attacks and deal more damage.

The game Dad And Me is a brawler/ fighting game created by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin, in 2005. We just port it to mobile.

- Classic old school flash arcade game

- A childhood game full of memories

- Great attack animations and punch combos

- Be a hero for your kids