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9 Ağu 2023
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GCam - BSG's Google Camera port APP

GCam - BSG's Google Camera port is a port of the Google camera used by Pixel handsets for use on any Android device. Manufacturers of such devices include Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, ASUS, LG, Sony, Meizu, Motorola, Essential, Nokia, and many more.

Making these ports has become easier since Google released the code for its GCam. Thanks to this, there are many ports of this app, but BSG's is one of the most stable and with the best compatibility with more than a dozen manufacturers. However, some features may give an error when using it or cause the camera to close, although the main ones work fine.

When you open GCam - BSG's Google Camera port, you find the Camera option to capture images directly, with a small bar that shows you the angle at which you are taking the photo so that it does not come out crooked. You can zoom, switch to the front camera or view your saved images. In video mode, you can record a normal or slow-motion video or make a time-lapse. There are also special modes to take panoramic or spherical photos.

Special GCam - BSG's Google Camera port modes include Portrait Mode and Night Shift. The former has one of the best blur effects for taking close-up photos on the market. The latter allows you to take higher-quality pictures at night, as the camera takes several images and blends them together to eliminate noise and improve quality.

You can choose the resolution from the advanced settings in both photos and videos. You can also force the use of flash or HDR+ mode, choose the best picture with Top Shot, activate the timer, or change the ratio of the images you capture between 4:3 or 16:9. You can also force photos to be saved in RAW and JPEG, as well as use the HEVC codec to save data.

If you want to improve the quality of the photos you take with your smartphone, downloading the GCam - BSG's Google Camera port APK is one of the best options.