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15 May 2020
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The Spike GAME

Teen League Volleyball
Is hitting the ball for real as thrilling as this?
A realistic volleyball game made by a developer still in high school!

The game may be difficult.
Give it some practice and you’ll get used to it in no time.

Bugs may still occur.
They are being fixed as fast as possible, so please be patient.

■■■■■Game Introduction■■■■■

A volleyball game made by a developer still in high school who really loves volleyball!!!!
Retro graphics, just like in the arcades!!!!
Let’s talk after you spike a serve.

■■■■■Game Characteristics■■■■■

■ A volleyball sports game launched by a high school indie development team!
- Please look forward to continual content updates!

■ A game made by communicating with users throughout the development period!
- Thank you to all who supported us in being able to finally launch the game!

■ Relieve your stress just by hearing that spiking sound!
- All the stress that has piled up from studying or working will be relieved!

■ A game that feels like working out from the immersive sound effects!
- The sound of sneakers squeaking throughout the gym makes you feel like you’re working out!

■ The game that exhibits the potential of future Korean indie games!
- High school developers’ skills have come all the way to this level!

“The Spike” was made by people who love volleyball.
Train your own player and try to complete the story mode!
In volleyball, the center’s offensive play is important, but the setter’s finesse is what controls the game!

Your valuable reviews greatly help the developers ^^

■ Device Permissions Notice
[Required Device Permissions]
- Storage: Used to save game data on the SD card when phone storage runs out.