Battle against Asep the Villain with Tutu, Martin Oren, and Xixi!


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Apr 29, 2024

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Tutu VS Asep Villain GAME

The rivalry between Tutu's Gang and Asep has flared up again! Asep now has a multiverse army from across the world. The villain Asep wants to take over the city and cause trouble. Tutu the Bear must overcome this before it's too late!

Enlist the help of Martin the Reaper, Oren the Cat, and Xixi the Panda to fight Asep the Villain's minions!

There's a variety of cool costume skins that Tutu, Martin, Oren, and Xixi can wear, as well as cute and cool Tutu Avatar Photos that can be used in the game.

You will face various types of Asep's minion enemies! Make sure to defeat them all and achieve the highest ranking in each Vernalta Game mode!

Join forces with help of Tutu's Gang, Martin Mikhail, Xixi Panda, and Oren the Cat fight against the Asep Villains in the Vernalta Universe!
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