Cristal Cleaner 是一款免費的清潔軟件



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Cristal Cleaner 應用程式

— Does your phone have a lot of junk and unnecessary cache?
— Works slowly and slows down?
— Heats up?

Cristal Cleaner helps optimize and improve the performance of your phone. When you clean up unnecessary files your device can work as fast as on the first day of your use!

In addition, Cristal Cleaner is a FREE app!

WHAT Cristal Cleaner MAY DO:
1. May help you clean up unwanted files:
Scans your device for junk files and cache that allows to free up extra space.

2. May help you boost your phone speed:
Use of applications leads to a decrease in the speed of the phone due to its clogging with unnecessary files. Cristal Cleaner will help to increase the speed of your device.

3. May help you optimize battery work:
A large number of apps waste battery power, and Cristal Cleaner may reduce consumption when the app is not in use!

4. May help you optimize CPU work:
The CPU optimizer may optimize your CPU usage.
Periodic cleaning of your device from debris helps to speed up and optimize your phone's performance.

Cristal Cleaner is easy in use. We are happy to facilitate the use of your device.

Due to the peculiarities of the operating system, on some versions of the android, for example, checking and clearing RAM and cache, and others, as well as related functions, may not work.