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The Horror Granny Mod for Minecraft is very popular today. By installing our Map for MCPE you can download the maps and mods. Trapped inside a horror house, you will be followed by a scary granny. Your goal is to find a way out of the house in any way. To do this, you must use various items there are in the house. Granny is scary and very evil, she can harm you, so you should try not to catch her eye. Otherwise, she can defeat you, and you can not leave the granny's house.
If you do everything correctly, you have every chance to defeat crazy granny and get out of her house alive. But for this you need to collect all the items. Scary monster can appear suddenly and stab you with a knife, so use your mind to prevent this. Otherwise, the game on this horror mod will be over.

For download the mod or map for Minecraft you don't need the Internet, since they are all offline. App has guide for installing them. IMPORTANT! If you downloaded the archive, you must unpack it before installation. If you want to diversify the game in MCPE, we have prepared a surprise in each app. We wish you to get only positive emotions while playing Minecraft PE with new Crazy Granny Map for MCPE.

Installation Guide for Horror Mod for MCPE
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