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名稱Monster Shooter APK
版本1.70 (10001700)
類別遊戲, 街機

Monster Shooter 遊戲

Brutal action with the sickest monsters

Monster Shooter is a third person action game in which you control a monster bounty hunter on an adventure to rescue his kitten, on which you will face endless hordes of monsters from other planets.

During the more than fifty missions that make up the game, set on three completely different planets, your quirky hero will have to deal with hundreds of different enemies, which shall try to end his life. Fortunately, you have available a lot of different weapons and abilities that you can use to win and increase the level of your character.

Besides the story mode, which is where most of the fun is, Monster Shooter has a survival mode through which in closed scenarios you play against endless waves of blood thirsty enemies.

At the technical level, Monster Shooter is amazing with settings and characters perfectly drawn by hand, and the special effects (especially those related to blood) are absolutely spectacular.

Monster Shooter is an outstanding double controller ('twin stick shooter') action game, which stands out in practically all areas: gameplay, graphics, etc...