You Will be Racing Biker Happy Wheels Drive Your Funny Wheels in The Hot Racing




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New Happy Wheels 3D GAME

Happy Rider - based on black humor. The main goal of all levels of the game: to reach the finish line alive. The game does not have a script as such. An interesting feature of the game is that any registered user can create a level. In the "Play" section are provided 20 best levels of the game according to the developers version.
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Funny & Wheels Mode is a rag-doll physics Arcade & extreme sports Racing game in which you can jump off buildings, crush the glass & avoid obstacles & spikes and arrow.
Happy Rider is an obstacle ragdoll extreme sports game your goals is to reach the finish line you will encounter various obstacles in Happy & Wheels game that can damage your Happy & Wheels character.
Happy & Wheels is a fun and free game is fairly easy to understand and play.. Happy Rider is a Fun game and funny. Happy & Wheels game. Happy & Wheels 3d game
Welcome to Happy Rider A very happy Rider csr bike race game. You will be a racing biker Happy & Wheels drive your Happy Rider in the hot racing your task is tap screen to dash and rolling down the hill crossing the river under shining sky and then go finished . Happy & Wheels, Sometime you run like a dumb guy just find the ways to die. Happy & Wheels, Keep in your mind alway drive ahead no return it just dash ahead and ahead waiting for a little fortune.. If just a small dumb mistake or youre not a fortune man many ways to die your csr bike will be destroyed as a torn piece of paper by the death race.
Happy Rider a game in which all you need to survive.


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** Cool music and sound effects
** Easy and awesome controls,
** Game 2D and 3D

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this game is created by fan this unofficial game for Happy & Wheels.