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版本2.8 (18)
開發人員Cube26 Developer
類別應用程式, 生活品味

Reos (iota) Lite 應用程式


Reos Lite is a smartphone-controlled, bluetooth enabled Smart LED Bulb. The device opens the gate to a plethora of wireless features that’ll redefine the way you've perceived lighting.

1)16 Million colors
Transform the way you light up your space.Let the colours inspire your mood. Reos Lite lets you experience limitless possibilities and setup modes.

Create delightful customized modes with the 16 million colours and amazing colour transition techniques.

3)Music Sync
Be the life of the party. Sync Music with Reos Lite to create the perfect ambience for a celebration.

4)Call/SMS alerts
You don’t need to raise your phone time and again to check for notifications. Integrate your smartphone seamlessly with Lite. Get alerts for important calls and text.

5) Schedule / Timer
Now automate your lighting. You can schedule the bulb to shuffle its color at a particular time

6) Weather alerts
Reos Lite is so much more than just on and off. Your can now customize the Lite to notify you with dedicated weather alerts

7) Social Alerts
Reos Lite inspires to connect with your surroundings
and be social. Customize Lite to give you social media alerts
Now enjoy visual alerts for Hike, Facebook ,Whatsapp, Youtube, Grofers, Tinder and the list goes on.

8)Colour Picker
If you see a breathtaking colour and want to paint your world with it, you can do that with Reos Lite.All you need to do is click a snap and pick the colour from the image.

Technical specifications
Brightness - 1100 Lumens/500 Lumens (Depending on your hardware)
Power Consumption - 13 Watts
Range - 15m
Communication - BLE

Follow these simple steps to get started.
1) Switch on the main power for the Lite.
2) Open the Reos Lite app.
3) Open the navigation drawer on the left, and allow the app to search for the bulb.
4) Wait for the app to connect to the bulb.
5) Close the drawer by swiping it on the left. Check if you are able to change the color by clicking anywhere on the color palette.
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