Dive into an exciting vampire romance and make determining life decisions!


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Jul 23, 2021

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Vampire Love Story GAME

Ready for some mystery, drama and romance? Looking for an original love game with fantastic characters and thrilling plot full of suspense that will leave you craving for more sequels? Vampire Love Story might be just the right high school love game for you! Stay with your loving boyfriend or set off on a crazy adventure with vampires – you're the creator of your own fate! Get ready for unfathomable twists and turns, and make your decisions wisely!


Impressive visuals, mysterious characters and simple gameplay combined in this immersive Vampire Love Story!
Name your own character and play as yourself!
Choose your outfit according to your taste and decide on the style to express yourself!
Decide on your future love life: go to college with your current boyfriend or join your vampire lover!
Make personal choices at critical moments that change the story line!
Choose what you want to say to your friends and family, but be careful what you reveal.
Vampire worshiper or vampire slayer? What's your choice?
Choose your own path – write your own love story!

SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Srpski, Русский!

It's time to start your gripping vampire adventure!

Ordinary love or immortal romance? Choose your own way to happiness! This visual novel can revive your high school and college life and you can make choices regarding your best friends, your boyfriend and the life you will have. Veiled in uncertainty and suspense, this game presents you with spooky characters and romantic affairs. “Vampire Love Story” offers you a chance to take part in an interactive love story and enjoy a dramatic romance!

Is it love at first sight or is it all just in your head? The story games such as this one let you choose your path and find your true love. As you follow the story line, make choices regarding the future outcomes, interact with characters and try to find out their secrets. Decide on the looks of your main character, lead her through an exciting adventure with vampires and make wise decisions at critical moments. There's no mistake with our fun vampire games!

Would you switch your old love for a vampire's kiss? Want to have a “vampire boyfriend”? This thrilling vampire novel packed in a high school love story is waiting for you! If you love to play “teen games” that u can date in or “interactive games”, Vampire Love Story might be a game for you. Love never dies and it is never out of fashion!
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