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Sep 8, 2022
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Wahl-O-Mat GAME

Find out which parties are closest to your positions:

With which parties and constituencies do you have the most agreement on 38 important issues?

An internet connection is required to use the app and play the Wahl-O-Mat.

The Wahl-O-Mat is a question-and-answer tool that shows which party eligible for an election is closest to your own political position. 38 political theses can be answered with "agree", "disagree", "neutral" or "skip thesis". All parties eligible to vote are invited. participate in the Wahl-O-Mat. This allows you to compare your own responses with those of the parties. The Wahl-O-Mat is not an election recommendation, but an information service about elections and politics.

Your Wahl-O-Mat result
The Wahl-O-Mat calculates the degree of personal agreement with the selected parties. With a click on the party name you will find short descriptions of all parties. Under "More information about the party" you will find a short scientific profile of the respective party.

Examine your result:
- Under "Tuning" you can adjust your positions and weighting and see directly how your changes affect your result.
- In "Party Comparison" you can see at a glance which theses selected parties agree or disagree with.
- Under "Justifications for the theses" the positions and justifications of all parties are listed sorted by theses. The parties are sorted and displayed according to their answers (agree, neutral, disagree).
- Under "Viewpoints" you will find all of a party's positions and justifications for all 38 theses at a glance. Simply select them from all the parties allowed to vote.

The Wahl-O-Mat was designed to be barrier-free. In addition, it offers the following functions, which you can use via the corresponding symbols at the bottom right:

- Read aloud function: After activation, you can listen to the text on the relevant page. You can use the controls to pause, resume, mute, or skip to the previous or next reading text.
- Sign language: The symbol opens a video that offers you information about the respective page in German sign language. On the home page you will find general information about the Wahl-O-Mat, in the area of ​​the theses the respective thesis is presented and after the theses you will receive an explanation of the possibilities of the respective page.
- Plain language: Here you will find general information about the Wahl-O-Mat and how it works in plain language.
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